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Our Guiding Philosophy 


Combat poverty in Myanmar through microfinance programs for women and sponsoring education for children to achieve social impact of uplifting the lives of the poor.



Socio Lite Foundation (SLF) believes in giving every family the chance of a promising future. We do not accept the status quo in which 37% of the nation's 60 million people are unemployed, and one-third live on less than $1.25 a day. We have a social responsibility and duty to help those who are less fortunate in Myanmar. As soon as the new democratic government allowed establishment of non-profit foundations in 2011, we immediately established Socio-Lite Foundation, "Ba-wa-nay-kyi," committed to combat poverty and uplift the lives of the Myanmar people. We hope that our efforts today will transform future generations of our people. In time, we hope to inspire others to join our efforts and achieve a wider social impact.

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