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Promoting education for children is a major component of Socio Lite Foundation (SLF) mission. After several months of microfinance operations, the Socio Lite team learned that many of the target population were unable to participate in the microfinance program, because they are unable to fulfill the code of conduct #5 -- ensuring their children attend school regularly. It costs an average of US$18 (20,000 Kyats) per year to send a child to school in Myanmar. To address this need, SLF developed a scholarship program called "Adopt-a-Student," where SLF covers all expenses required for the children of our members to attend school. 

Sponsoring Education for Children
Social Impact

Since 2012, we have provided scholarships to over 20,000 students. Education is an engine for personal development, as well as economic development.  We ensure that our members are committed to educating their children in hopes of a better future.


Today, revenues from our microfinance operations are able to fund all our students in the Adopt-a-Student program. Since 2012, we have provided scholarships to over 20,000 students.  Cost of the program for this academic year is approximately US$130,000. 

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