We believe that partnerships are essential in the fight against poverty and to achieve wider social impact. We are actively seeking partners to synchronize development efforts and obtain additional investors. We are currently working with multiple partners. Our partnerships will play a vital role in Socio Lite Foundation's success in Myanmar. With our partners, we look for close alignment of our vision and believe that we can do more through collectiveness and collaboration.

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Asian Community Trust (ACT)

SLF and ACT established a partnership in 2014 to improve education opportunities for children of Myanmar. ACT has sent many representatives to observe SLF operations. ACT continues to provide significant grants annually to fund Adopt-a-Student Program. ACT is a non-profit and non-partisan Japanese NGO set up in Tokyo and funded by ordinary citizens. ACT is a national fundraising public good trust established in 1979 to help the needy people of Asian developing countries.